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Zamia Variegated

Zamia Variegated

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Zamia Variegated For Sale

Ready for sale Zamia Variegated plant. Can ship to ASIA, USA, CANADA EUROPE legalized with Phytosanitary Certificate. Get special price for Wholesale and Free shipping for purchase over $500. Buy online Zamia Variegated at PLANTAROID with safe and protected payments.

The plant photos are just an example. We will choose the best and healthy plants for you. The size and shape of Zamia Variegated that will be sent is as shown in the photo (more or less leaves) depending on the stock available in our nursery. The plants sent have received special treatment to be clean from pests and insects, without using soil media, but using alternative planting media, namely moss / tissue.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the listed Email, Instagram or Chat. Please read and understand the Term of service, Shipping Policy and Refund Policy on this store before you buy our product.

About Zamia Variegated

Zamia Variegated or commonly known as the ZZ plant, is an ornamental plant that easily thrives in all locations, both indoors and outdoors. This plant has round, oval leaves that are green in color with splashes of yellow or cream varigate. If the Variegated is dominant, the leaf color will be fully yellow or cream so that the plant will look prettier. This plant belongs to the Araceae family originating from East Africa, southern Kenya to northeastern South Africa.

Zamia Variegated Plant Care

Growing Media and Light Requirements

The medium suitable for Zamia Variegated is husk mixed with a little soil. Make sure the media is not excessively wet, just damp. This plant can survive even when exposed to direct sunlight. But if the new leaves are full variegata (yellow color), keep them out of direct sunlight, because it will cause the leaves to burn and turn black. The safest place is in the shade and out of direct sunlight.

Water Requirements

The water requirement for Zamia Variegated is very small. Too much water will make the roots quickly rot and cause this plant to die. Water this plant every 4 days, but if it's summer, you can water it every 2 days. The benchmark is to check the condition of the media, whether it is dry or not. The way to check is to insert your finger into the media, because a dry top surface doesn't necessarily mean that the bottom is dry. If the bottom is still wet, don't water it yet.

Temperature & Humidity Requirement

Zamia Variegated requires a warm environment. This plant can easily be grown in average room temperatures between 18 and 30 degrees Celsius. This plant does not tolerate cold at all. Your plant will die if exposed to temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius. This plants can only be grown outdoors in areas with mild winter climates. We recommend bringing your plant indoors as soon as the temperature starts to dip below 15 degrees Celsius. This plant isn't fussy about humidity, but being native to the tropics, it likes extra humidity in the air. They are happy with the average recommended humidity level for tropical plants. This plant requires a minimum humidity of 40%. A simple method of ensuring proper humidity is to spray your plants with distilled or soft water. Avoid placing plants near heat sources such as windows exposed to sunlight, as this will dry out the air around the plants.

Fertilizer Requirement, Disease and Pest

Zamia Variegated doesn't need fertilizer, it just needs the right media, the right watering, and the right light. Fertilizer will only make the variegation not optimal and lost in the growth of new leaves. The pest that usually attacks this plant is the mealybug. Spray pesticides once a month regularly to keep pests away.

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