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Scindapsus Tricolor

Scindapsus Tricolor

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Scindapsus Tricolor For Sale

Ready for sale Scindapsus Tricolor plant. Can ship to ASIA, USA, CANADA EUROPE legalized with Phytosanitary Certificate. Get special price for Wholesale and Free shipping for purchase over $500. Buy online Scindapsus Tricolour at PLANTAROID with safe and protected payments.

The plant photos are just an example. We will choose the best and healthy plants for you. The size and shape of Scindapsus Tricolor that will be sent is as shown in the photo (more or less leaves) depending on the stock available in our nursery. The plants sent have received special treatment to be clean from pests and insects, without using soil media, but using alternative planting media, namely moss / tissue.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the listed Email, Instagram or Chat. Please read and understand the Term of service, Shipping Policy and Refund Policy on this store before you buy our product.

About Scindapsus Tricolor

This aroid plant is a species of the genus scindapsus. Scindapsus Tricolor is a rare plant native to the Indonesian island of Borneo. This plant has dark green, light green and silver colors. The combination of these 3 colors makes this plant much sought after by aroid plant lovers around the world. The original habitat of Scindapsus Tricolor is under tropical rain forest and can grow well in areas with low light intensity and high humidity. Scindapsus Tricolor grows in vines and can grow very long and have lots of leaves as long as each growing root point gets the right media.

Scindapsus Tricolor Plant Care

Growing Media and Light Requirements

In terms of growing media, Scindapsus Tricolor is not too picky, but we recommend stimulating the growth of new roots when it spreads, provide moss media at the point where the wind roots begin to appear so that it grows very quickly and the plants get stronger. Avoid exposing Scindapsus Tricolor to direct sunlight as this can cause the leaves to limp, curl and die. Bright, indirect sunlight is great for this plant. This will not only help the plant grow fertile, but will also result in a long and healthy life for him. Remember to always rotate your plants so they get the same amount of light everywhere and grow symmetrically in shape, size and color.

Water Requirements

Periodically water the Scindapsus Tricolor plant media according to weather conditions. You have to keep the plant media moist. Don't be late doing the watering and letting the media get too dry. Water your plant after the top of the substrate appears to be drying. What needs to be considered is not to keep the media always wet continuously because it will cause root rot.

Temperature & Humidity Requirement

In order to thrive, Scindapsus Tricolor is very suitable to be planted in a place with sufficient light and wind because it will quickly stimulate the growth of new leaves. Do not put it indoors because it will prevent direct sunlight and wind from penetrating this plant, causing the leaves to turn black and rot and prevent the growth of new leaves.

Fertilizer Requirement, Disease and Pest

Scindapsus Tricolor does not need special fertilizer, it only needs good media, enough wind and sunlight and regular watering as we have explained above. This plant is usually attacked by a fungus that causes root rot and leaves to not grow properly. Use pest and fungus exterminators that are suitable for Scindapsus plants which are usually sold in farm shops.

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