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Aglaonema Sultan Brunei

Aglaonema Sultan Brunei

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Aglaonema Sultan Brunei For Sale

Ready for sale Aglaonema Sultan Brunei plant. Can ship to ASIA, USA, CANADA EUROPE legalized with Phytosanitary Certificate. Get special price for Wholesale and Free shipping for purchase over $500. Buy online Aglaonema Sultan Brunei at PLANTAROID with safe and protected payments.

The plant photos are just an example. We will choose the best and healthy plants for you. The size and shape of Aglaonema Sultan Brunei that will be sent is as shown in the photo (more or less leaves) depending on the stock available in our nursery. The plants sent have received special treatment to be clean from pests and insects, without using soil media, but using alternative planting media, namely moss / tissue.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the listed Email, Instagram or Chat. Please read and understand the Term of service, Shipping Policy and Refund Policy on this store before you buy our product.

About Aglaonema Sultan Brunei

Aglaonema Sultan Brunei is an ornamental plant from the Araceae Family. It is a type of aglaonema hybrid from Thailand. Named Sultan Brunei because this Aglaonema to be the most favored by the Sultan of Brunei at that time. This Aglaonema has golden yellow leaves with a little green on the edges of the leaves. This plant is very beautiful so it is suitable to add to your collection as a decoration for your home.

Aglaonema Sultan Brunei Plant Care

Growing Media and Light Requirements

The use of planting media for Aglaonema Sultan Brunei can use a mixture of compost and roasted husks. Use of roasted husks instead of yellow husks because the roasted husks will not rot the roots of Alglaonema. You can also use a cocopit for maximum results in better and healthier leaf growth. The key to the success of This Aglaonema cultivation lies in the need for sufficient sunlight. Avoid direct contact with the sun because it will make the Aglaonema leaves fade, turn yellow and wither.

Water Requirements

Aglaonema Sultan Brunei is a type of plant that is easy to grow and doesn't really need a lot of water. The key to the success of Aglaonema cultivation is the fulfillment of water and nutrient needs. For water requirements, This plant needs periodic watering every 3-4 days. Do not watering too often because it will make the roots rotten.

Temperature & Humidity Requirement

Aglaonema Sultan Brunei is very suitable for planting in cool and humid temperatures. But actually, this plant can be grown at any temperature, because the most important thing is the right media, enough wind and enough sunlight. If you live in a very cold area, place them indoors so the plants don't freeze.

Fertilizer Requirement, Disease and Pest

Apply fertilization so that the leaves of Aglaonema Sultan Brunei grow big and release their golden yellow color. Fertilization can be done with NPK fertilizer which is mixed with water and then sprinkled on the Aglaonema planting medium. For fertilization can be done within a period of once a month. One way to make Aglaonema  more dominated by the golden yellow color on the leaves is by spraying vitamin B1. Spraying is done by mixing vitamin B1 and water in a sprayer. Spray on the leaves evenly.  Spraying vitamin B1 on Aglaonema Sultan Brunei leaves can be done once every three to seven days so that the leaves release their color more quickly. The presence of pests and diseases can interfere with the growth of Aglaonema plants such as spiders, fleas, mites to caterpillars, therefore these pests and diseases need to be controlled. To eliminate and prevent pest attacks on Aglaonema plants, synthetic pesticides or vegetable pesticides can be sprayed.

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