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Aglaonema Pink Katrina

Aglaonema Pink Katrina

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Aglaonema Pink Katrina For Sale

Ready for sale Aglaonema Pink Katrina plant. Can ship to ASIA, USA, CANADA EUROPE legalized with Phytosanitary Certificate. Get special price for Wholesale and Free shipping for purchase over $500. Buy online Aglaonema Pink Katrina at PLANTAROID with safe and protected payments.

The plant photos are just an example. We will choose the best and healthy plants for you. The size and shape of Aglaonema Pink Katrina that will be sent is as shown in the photo (more or less leaves) depending on the stock available in our nursery. The plants sent have received special treatment to be clean from pests and insects, without using soil media, but using alternative planting media, namely moss / tissue.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the listed Email, Instagram or Chat. Please read and understand the Term of service, Shipping Policy and Refund Policy on this store before you buy our product.

About Aglaonema Pink Katrina

Aglaonema Pink Katrina is an ornamental plant from the Araceae Family. Aglaonema Pink Katrina has a round leaf shape and a distinctive pink color that distinguishes it from other plants. This plant is very suitable for collection as a living room decoration that adds coolness to the eye. That's why Aglaonema Pink Katrina is still a favorite of ornamental plant lovers everywhere.

Aglaonema Pink Katrina Plant Care

Growing Media and Light Requirements

Aglaonema Pink Katrina grows well in media that has good drainage. A good media will contain lots of organic matter such as coconut fiber and perlite or vermiculite to help with drainage. Avoid using soil because if the media is too wet and evaporation is not optimal, it will make the roots rot. Aglaonema Pink Katrina can tolerate being far from a window and light source. Place it less than 6 feet from a south-facing window to ensure it receives enough light to survive. Select your region to see how the current weather in your area affects the placement in your home.

Water Requirements

Aglaonema Pink Katrina is a type of plant that is easy to grow and doesn't really need a lot of water. The key to the success of Aglaonema cultivation is the fulfillment of water and nutrient needs. For water requirements, Aglaonema Pink Katrina needs periodic watering every 2-3 days. Do not watering too often because it will make the roots rotten.

Temperature and Humidity Requirement

Aglaonema Pink Katrina does not need additional humidity. Plants absorb most of the water through their root systems rather than their leaves, so the best way to provide humidity for your plants is trought watering their media regularly.

Fertilizer Requirement, Disease and Pest

Aglaonema Pink Katrina should be repotted after it doubles in size or once a year, whichever comes first. Fresh potting soil has all the nutrients your plant needs, so as long as it’s refreshed yearly, you shouldn’t need to use fertilizer. Remember, plants get their energy from sunlight, not fertilizer. The presence of pests and diseases can interfere with the growth of Aglaonema plants such as spiders, fleas, mites to caterpillars, therefore these pests and diseases need to be controlled. To eliminate and prevent pest attacks on Aglaonema plants, synthetic pesticides or vegetable pesticides can be sprayed.

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